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Savory is Invited to Showcase Innovative Garden Kitchen Designs at BBQ & Cosmogarden Expo in Brescia, Italy

We are thrilled to announce that Savory has been invited to exhibit at the prestigious BBQ & Cosmogarden Expo in Brescia, Italy, from April 5th to 8th. This exciting event will feature the latest trends and innovations in outdoor living including and the BBQ culture, and Savory will be showcasing our innovative garden kitchen design in the innovative Design section.

Visitors will have the opportunity to explore and feel our outdoor kitchen design. But that's not all - visitors will also have the chance to meet the Savory team, try the features of the kitchen, and ask any questions they may have about our innovative garden kitchens.

Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of outdoor cooking and experience the magic of Savory.

See you at the expo!

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